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Flying in at least one day prior to your cruise (and staying at a Hotel).  This will help ease and minimize the number of environmental transitions that would occur if you fly in the day of the cruise.

Flight Times

  • Pre-Cruise

    • Flights should arrive no later than 11:00am on the day of the cruise.

    • You must be on the ship by 2:00pm.

    • We strongly recommend you arrive at least one day prior to your cruise, when flying in.

  • Post Cruise

    • Flights should depart no earlier than 12:30 pm

We Recommend Acquiring Airfare on Your Own

  • You can almost always get airfare at a lower rate on your own (than through the cruise line)

  • We recommend booking your own airfare if you want to arrive or depart at a different date other than the sail and return date

Airfare through the Cruise Line

Airfare can also be obtained through the cruise lines.  For more information:





Royal Caribbean