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Port Excursion Assistance

AotS Staff Assisyed Cruises ONLY



Excursion Assistance by AotS Staff

Families are free to ask our staff to join them on port excursions to assist with small groups or individual families.  This service is not provided as a service of "Autism on the Seas" but between you and our staff.  This service requires the fee of the excursion to be paid for the staff member by the family or small group (onboard the cruise), and any other rate negotiations are between the staff member and the family.  Please feel free to inquire to our Group Leader once onboard. 


PLEASE NOTE: This is not a service that can be arranged prior to the cruise or resort stay.


Excursion Opportunities & Guidance
There are some shore excursions that are better suited and accommodating to your family’s needs than others.  During each Cruise, we will coordinate a PRIVATE session with the onboard Cruise Line Excursion Specialist.  The Cruise Line Excursion Specialist will make recommendations, and answer any questions and concerns you might have in making Excursion Plans for each port we will visit.

This Private Session, also provides you with the opportunity to see which excursions other families are taking to help coordinate plans to go as a group. 


NOTE: You can book excursions before the cruise (on the cruise line website) and you can also change or cancel them once onboard. 


Group Beach Excursion
Once each cruise our staff will arrange and accompany the group on a beach excursion.  Our Staff will assist families caring for the children (usually for a few hours in the morning).