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Do you have, or know of, a service or product that could benefit our guests?  Become an "Autism on the Seas Partner", Contact Us.


Slider - AotS Autism SocietyJOIN THE AUTISM SOCIETY TODAY!!! 
- As an Autism Society member, you are entitled to a $40 Onboard Credit when you book a cruise with us*.
- Simply enter "AS Member" in the Discount Code section on our Booking Forms.
- Join now and your AotS Onboard Credit makes your Autism Society membership FREE for the first year!!!
- To join the Autism Society:

*New bookings only. Discount Code must be entered on Booking form. 




conni logoContainment Swim Shorts
Conni has been Australia's leading brand of reusable incontinence management products for more than 15 years. Award-winning and highly recommended by health care professionals, our line of products assist in managing all types of incontinence. It is our mission to provide products that restore life-changing confidence. From the swimming pool to the bedroom, Conni is there to help. 
- Conni provides Containment Swim Shorts at a 20% discounted rate for our guest
- Swim shorts can be purchased on the Conni webshop
- Use code AOTS20 at checkout to receive your special discount




SNGandSNS revisedSpecial Needs Group (SNG) - Our exclusive provider of wheelchair, scooter, oxygen and other special needs equipment rentals.
In 2017, SNG serviced 215 metropolitan areas in 68 countries across the globe. It is the leading global provider of wheelchair, scooter, oxygen and other special needs equipment rentals, as well as offers a broad range of special needs equipment for purchase. Trusted and recommended by major cruise lines, the company also works with guests visiting hotels, resorts, theme parks, and convention centers with a tradition of delivering Superior Guest Experiences.

SNG donates a portion of the regularly priced equipment rental to the Autism on the Seas Foundation to help fund vacation grants for special needs families with limited income or other financial hardship.




toysSpecial Needs Toys, our exclusive Sensosry Item and Toy Provider 
- Many of our Staffed Cruises will have their sensory items and toys onboard for our use during respite.
- Special Needs Toys provides discounts to all guests who cruise with us.  Discounts provided after you cruise 
- Visit their website and enjoy their unmatched selection of items
- Visit them here: 







SABRE Security Equipment Corporation

sabre logo

SABRE - Security Equipment Corporation provides best-in-class personal safety, home security, and law enforcement products to maximize you and your families safety. 
- Sabre provides Door Alarms at a discounted rate for our guests.
- Door Alarms (at a discounted rate) can be purchased on our online store: 
- Visit Sabre