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Pre-Cruise Planning & Services


Our Guidance
We've made vacationing with autism and developmental disabilities our expertise and we're here to help you.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns, especially as it relates to autism and travelling.

Communication with your Ship
We communicate to the actual ship (via the cruise line headquarters) of your special needs information, and accommodation requirements.  Getting your information to the actual ship you will be vacationing on is crucial.

Cruise and Vacation (PECS)
We offer a variety of PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) images and Cruise images  that depict a number of actual events that take place during a typical cruise, are provided to help you develop custom Social Stories, Visual Cues and/or Calendars.  Our photo library offers parents a number of choices they may want to use along with the child’s usual picture icons. 

Cruise Information and Tips Document
We have developed a document of cruise tips and information that first time cruisers and/or first time cruisers with special needs guests typically have questions and concerns about.  We have specifically addressed many special needs topics in this document.  A printable link to this Cruise Tips Document is available approximately 2-4 weeks prior to your cruise.

Vacation Social Stories
“Social Stories” have been created to assist special needs guests with what they can expect during the cruise.   

- Various versions have been created for varying functional abilities (in various formats)
- You can download these files to your computer or mobile device
- There are PowerPoint files available that can be modified to customize them for your use.

Excursion Reviews - Complied since our first cruise in July 2007
We maintain a list of reviews (100's and growing...) of Excursions from different cruise ports from parents and caretakers of our special needs guests, who have provided us with this information on the Feedback Form we send them upon the completion of their cruise.  These reviews provide invaluable insight to some of the choices of excursions available at the ports you will be visiting, from a special needs perspective.  A printable link to these Reviews is available approximately 2-4 weeks prior to your cruise.


Dolphin swimKey West excusrion 


Pre-Vacation Questionnaire
This questionnaire will be sent to you to complete approx. 3-5 weeks prior to your departure.  It is designed to collect specific information on each special needs person that will be traveling.  This information will be used to help us customize the activities we provide, and to prepare the staff for your children.  For Individual Cruises, this information will be sent to the cruise line children’s program staff to help them prepare for your arrival.

Special Requests and Needs
If you have any other special requests that would assist you or your child with autism in having an extra special vacation, then please specify when booking or contact us.