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Request a "Staffed Cruise" of your Choice

Considered one of our already Scheduled Cruises?
Before making your request (using the form below), consider one of our currently scheduled Staffed Cruises 

AotS Staffed Cruise Request Approval 
The sooner you submit your request prior to cruise date the more likely we will be able to accommodate your request within our schedule.  Preferred notice is between 12-14 months, but we will do our best with whatever notice you give us.   Staffed Cruise requests are not guaranteed until we confirm staff availability and ship venue availability.  International sailings (cruises not departing from North America, may not be available).

Number of Cabin (Deposits*) Required, if your request is made:

 12 months or more before the cruise: 4 cabin minimum 
 Between 9-11 months before the cruise: 5 cabin minimum
 Between 7-9 months before the cruise: 6 cabin minimum
 Between 5-7 months before the cruise: 7 cabin minimum
 Less than 5 months before the cruise: 8 cabin minimum

 *Cabin deposits must be on reservations booked directly with AotS (and not direct with cruise line or with another Travel Agency).  Travel Agency Referral Program does not apply to the minimum number of cabins stated above.

Message Board

  • Don't have the minimum number of cabins to commit to?
  • Post your cruise choice on our Message Board or our Private FaceBook Page for others to join you.
  • When you have enough guests decided on a cruise, fill out the form below and inform us of the other guests that will be sharing the minimum cabin requirements with you.

Special Needs Guests  

  • You can have as few as just one special needs guest among all of the cabins you reserve (so, for example, if you reserve the minimum 4 cabins, only one special needs guest needs to be in any one of the cabins).  So feel free to invite extended family and friends...
  • Deposits are dependent on length of cruise and cruise line, and are non-refundable.


  • Cabins can be booked by extended family and friends, and do not need to include a special needs individual.
  • Discounts can start at just 10 people booked.

Cruise Line Schedules:


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