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Seas for Autism

A Cruise Ship Tour Program

SEAing is Believing


This "FREE" Cruise Ship Tour Program is designed for families
that have 
children with Special Needs and for Adults with
Special Needs to provide an actual
experience onboard
a Cruise Ship through a 2 to 3 hour tour conducted
by the
Royal Caribbean International
and the "Autism on the Seas" Staff,
while a cruise ship is docked in it's home port.

Ship Tour Dates (Register here)

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  • To provide an opportunity for special needs families to experience a cruise ship environment and realize how a cruise vacation can be a TRUE VACATION.

  • To learn and see the differences of cruising on your own utilizing Royal Caribbean International's Autism Friendly Services versus cruising on an "Autism on the Seas" Staff Supported Cruise, so you can make the best choice for your family.

The Experience

  • A Cruise Ship Tour, escorted by Royal Caribbean personnel and the Autism on the Seas Staff to many area's of the ship, including cabins, entertainment venues, pool decks, dining rooms, and more.

  • Learn about the accommodations to checking in, boarding, security screening and how shipboard venue accommodations makes vacationing a reality.
  • Lunch will be provided and you will be assisted during lunch by the Autism on the Seas Staff, as we assist families on our Staffed Cruises.

  • Your family will be assisted during the entire tour by the Autism on the Seas Staff.

  • An overview of the "Autism on the Seas" Staff Supported Cruise Services, click here for more information

  • An overview of Royal Caribbean's Autism Friendly Services, click here for more information

Sample Tour Schedule
Our Staff will guide you every step of the way through the tour.  
*Visits to the areas of the ship listed below, will not include use of the venues.

Time (approx) Experience / Activity
10:30am Meet at the Port Terminal
  Security / Cruise Check-In 
 11:30am Board the Ship
  Visit Cabin (various categories)
  Visit Activity Venues* (Rock Wall, FlowRider, Ice Rink, Bumper Cars, ect)
11:30am Visit Pool Deck* (Sail Away Party, Swimming, Movies, ect)
  Visit Youth Center*
 1:00pm  Lunch (Buffet Style) 
       - Questions and Answers
2:00pm Disembark the Ship

Is there a Cost for the Tour
No.  Although there will be a fee for parking at the port.

Who is Eligible
This program is eligible for any special needs family that would benefit from the tour by learning about the special needs accommodations available, and experience a cruise ship environment, to make a family vacation come true. 

When are the Tours
The Ship Tours are scheduled throughout the year at various cruise ports around the country.  See the Ship Tour Dates / Registration Form below for exact dates and Ship Tour Ports.

How do I Sign Up to Go
Families are selected on a first come/first serve basis.  The sooner you REGISTER your family, the sooner you will be chosen.  Complete and submit the form below for your opportunity to join us on a Ship Tour.  You may also complete the Registration Form for more information.

Ship Tour Dates / Registration Form