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AotS Staff

Staff at beachStaff Qualifications & Requirements Staff Assisted Cruises ONLY

  • The AotS Staff are Professional Volunteers who have degrees relating to child development, behavior therapy, and/or special education.

  • We maintain hundreds of qualified Professionals from around the country, to ensure our cruises are staffed appropriately.
  • The AotS Staff have extensive experience caring for children and adults of all ages with developmental disabilities.  

  • The AotS Staff can manage any level of behaviors or functioning levels of any type of developmental disability.

  • The AotS Staff are led by our professional volunteer "Cruise Group Leaders".

  • The AotS Staff also provides complimentary Strategies and Resources to help families and individuals meet their unique challenges, see more on our Strategy Services and Resources for Overcoming Cruise/Vacation Special Needs Challenges

  • The AotS Staff clear National Background Checks and Sex Offender Checks.

  • The AotS Staff successfully complete an extensive criteria and interviewing process.

  • The AotS Staff conform to, and integrates with, all applicable Cruise Line policies.

  • JOIN OUR STAFF  See form below.


 For more about AotS Staffing, Assistance & Respite please visit our What's Included page.


Bilingual Staff - Espanol   Staff Assisted Cruises ONLY

Selection of Staff for each cruise   Staff Assisted Cruises ONLY

  • We select our staff (from our pre-qualified staff pool) using special needs Questionnaires completed by parents/guardians.

  • The Questionnaires are completed by parents approx 6-9 weeks  prior to sailing to ensure we have the most up to date information.

  • The Questionnaire results are used to ensure we have the proper skill sets, experience and the sufficient number of staff to properly care for the children, teens and adults with special needs travelling with us on each cruise.

Staff at hotelAotS Staff Ratio   Staff Assisted Cruises ONLY

  • The ratio* of the AotS Staff per guest with special needs is 2:1.

  • During our cruises, we are able to afford periodic individualized attention (1:1) to our guests as required.

  • Each cruise has an AotS Staff Group Leader who manages the staff and coordinates all of the accommodated activities and services with the cruise line personnel, as well as acting as our guests personal concierge during their vacation.

  • We also offer 1:1 Staff Service (additional fee applies), more info

 *Staff ratios may fall slightly above 1:2 on some cruises

 For more about AotS Staffing, Assistance & Respite please visit our What's Included page.


Interested in joining our Staff?  

Complete this form and we will send you Staffing information and an Application.  

Minimum Personal Requirements Include: 21 years or older and may be from any country

Minimum Educational Requirements Include:
- 4-year degree in a qualifying major
- Licensed Physical Therapist, Physical Therapist Assistant, Occupational Therapist, Occupational Therapy Assistant or Registered Behavior Technician

Minimum Experience Requirements Include: 1-year minimum experience with individuals with developmental disabilities.

AotS Staff positions are volunteer, and cruise fare is complimentary, on a cruise by cruise basis.  No commitment beyond each cruise is required.   You can volunteer on just one cruise per year, whatever your schedule will allow.


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