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Our past guests continuously provide us with testimonials.  We've had thousands of cruising guests through the years and it is very challenging to maintain all of their feedback here.  

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Testimonials from 2007 through 2013:

“We felt like royalties getting all the special treatment with the back stage tours, the Captains Bridge tour, The Galley tour, The Palace Theatre tour, The Ice Skaters tour was my favorite. We had special seating everywhere we went, my husband & kids loved Johnny Rockets. Most of all was meeting very special people- The Staff and the other 2 families will be our lifelong friends forever. Everyone treated my family wonderful and we couldn’t have asked for a better trip and look forward to taking a lot more with Autism on the Seas. Thank you so very much. ……

Jack felt special having the couple of times at night out away from us. He hasn't stopped talking about how awesome it was going to the Casino and the Chamber with you guys. He don't get alot of time away from us to feel special like that and he really enjoyed it a lot. Thank you again so much for giving him that opportunity and letting him feel so special……

We will definitely be booking with you again and forever will. We love cruising and that is our forever vacations from now on and I will always go to you to book them. Thank you all so much for the best time we have had on a cruise.”

Melissa Young- ~~~Nov ‘13 Cruise

“We really love cruising with Autism on the Seas. I absolutely cannot complain about the service we received and we will definitely cruise again with AOTS.”

Brittney Rivers- ~~~Oct ‘13 Cruise

“Autism of the Seas again was outstanding. They were quick to respond to fare changes and questions.”

Howard Baca- ~~~Oct ‘13 Cruise

“I saw my Grandson bloom in ways I have waited to see a long time. It reduced my anxiety over his future. He was truly happy, smiling and more verbal (he only speaks in short word phrases).”

Idella Naether- ~~~Aug ‘13 Cruise

“Your staff was very helpful and great to be with! I am very grateful for the support which allowed me the opportunity to try cruising with Michael and he loved it! It was nice to have a little free time for myself but most of all I loved having fun and feeling joyful about having this experience with Michael. Thank you so much because I would not have tried this on my own.”              

Jacqui and Michael Kerze- ~~~Aug ‘13 Cruise

I had a nice time overall on the Disney cruise. The Fireworks at Sea and the Aqua Duck water coaster were great. I had a much more relaxing time on the group cruise and was able to enjoy dinner, and have some time to myself.

“Thank you for all you were able to arrange for us. Made this cruise so much more enjoyable.”

Christina Rademakers- ~~~May ‘13 Cruise

"It was great not to have to wait in lines made the day more breakdowns, was on ship in less than 20.  It was awesome to see how all the meals were made to meet the dietary needs, for this reason alone would book again.  We will definitely be booking another vacation with AotS."

Maggie Villarreal - California  ~~~  October '11 Cruise

“We had an amazing time experiencing our first cruise with the AoTS crew.  Every staff member was very respectful and loving to my family.  I loved that every activity that was offered to our special needs child, was also offered for the siblings as well.  I appreciate that all of the staff saw these special need children as children, and not a diagnosis. All of you made this such a memorable vacation that I will not forget and will cherish!!!  Thanks again!!!”

Jessica Castro -  ~~~ March '12 Cruise

“The Staff was great with the kids.  Nice to be able to get staff members to babysit for two hours so we could have free time.  Overall we had a great time!  Hope to do another trip in the future.  Met great people. Tyler had a great time.  I will share my experience with my support group!"

Appleman family - Pennsylvania ~~~ May '12 Cruise

“The staff was very knowledgeable about special needs , brought many programs I was not aware of to my attention , and were well versed in many different issues we as parents face (one staff member was a parent of a special needs child). These were not merely college kids volunteering on a cruise. They were inserted and educated in our world, and that means a lot. The conversation with them was a form of support in itself and I found it very stress relieving that they understood and really visibly valued and cared about my kids. They also tolerated my super chatty typical 7 year old having every meal she could sitting ‘with the staff’”

Sandra Muldoon- ~~~Nov ‘13 Cruise

“100% satisfaction. I will recommend to others even though I sell cruises as well. The benefits of AotS FAR exceed any commission that I could drive.”

Jim Monroe- ~~~Oct ‘13 Cruise

“Ryan had a great time at respite, I did wonder how he would take to being left alone, cause at home he is not left with anyone, but by the 2nd day he was asking to be dropped off at every possible session. He fell in love with your staff and told me he wanted to go home with them, I cannot praise you enough for your services on the ship. It was wonderful to meet so many other families and spent time with them too. “

Clare Glenister- ~~~Oct ‘13 Cruise

“Both AOTS and Disney Cruise Lines gave us another wonderful cruise experience!”

Thad Bracegirdle- ~~~Aug ‘13 Cruise

“On every cruise with AotS my daughter feels comfortable enough to challenge herself in some way, knowing that the AotS staff is there to cheer her on. This time her victory was attempting surfing and boogie boarding on the flow riders-she had an awesome time and would have never accomplished it without the support of the AotS staff.”  

Cathy- ~~~Aug ‘13 Cruise

“Thank you AotS for allowing our whole family to enjoy our cruise. It was nice to feel at ease when our children were in respite & we enjoyed meeting & spending time w/ other families who have an understanding of loving & caring for a loved one w/ special needs. We definitely made friends on the cruise w/ other families & staff that I hope we can cruise/vacation w/ in the future.”

Amber Tromblee- ~~~July ‘13 Cruise

“Loved having extra support to help, happy kiddos makes happy parents! When the kids needed to walk around, the staff was always there to help walk with our kiddos. We were able to see more shows because of the extra staff membership. We would not have made it to one show without them, really!  Also, there was one show that the kids wanted to see but thought it would be too loud to attend, but when they saw the orange staff shirts, they knew they could take a break when they needed to break, and they made it through the entire performance knowing they were able to break when needed. What a blessing.”

Star Lazarow- ~~~April ‘13 Cruise

“I can't say enough about you and your staff--amazing!  Many staff members would even engage the kids on their own time--Chelsea spent her lunch break one day playing with Alex in the pool and several staff members plan to keep in touch to follow Alex's progress. That sort of dedication is priceless.  You never felt like it was a job for them, or that they had their own things they'd rather be doing.”

Marjorie Haskin - ~~~ March '12 Cruise

“I don't even know where to begin.  The Staff.....these people changed our lives forever....they were beautiful!  I will never forget there beautiful smiles!!!!  All of them were great with our children… I am so sad to think I may never see these wonderful people who touched the life of my children and my family.... I must see them all again!"

Janie Robinson - New York ~~~ May '12 Cruise

“This was such a wonderful experience for my whole family.  We want to thank everyone for going the extra mile, making us feel comfortable and making my children feel special…  We had a wonderful time, met wonderful families and people."

Youla Efthimiou - New York ~~~ May '12 Cruise