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Kim Poppins talks about her cruise adventure with her special needs teen

Kim and Andrew Poppins

Autism on the Seas – On “Special” Vacation with Kim and Andrew Poppins

Autism on the Seas recently caught up with Kim Poppins, a single mom of a handsome teenage son with autism. After a stressful divorce, Kim needed a break to find some space, have some fun – and not feel isolated. She found the Autism on the Seas Facebook Page and quickly connected with other families. After listening to others’ experiences and sharing her vacation dreams, Kim decided to take the plunge with her 16-year-old son, Andrew, and joined AotS and staff on a 7-night Royal Caribbean cruise last February. Watch our podcast and read the Q&A below to hear her story to learn about the positive effects this trip imparted on her and Andrew.

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