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Bayonne Hotel Stay and Boston to Bayonne Package

Perfect for:

Boston and New England area Residents

Anyone wanting to stay with the AotS Staff the night before the Cruise

Extending your Vacation (Pre or Post Cruise) at an AotS Friendly Hotel


Cruises departing from Bayonne, NJ

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What's Included 

busRoundtrip Ground Transportation - To / From Boston

Free Parking

The pick up location in Boston will be at a commuter lot, where you can be dropped off by friends/family or you can leave your car parked free of charge.

Getting to the Hotel
A chartered bus will transport you and your family from Boston to our Bayonne AotS Friendly Hotel, the day prior to your cruise.   The AotS Staff travels with you.

Returning to Boston

You will be picked up at the Port the morning the cruise returns, and transported back to Boston, coordinated by and travelling with the AotS Staff.

Hotel Stay- Newark, NJ

wyndham-newark1Autism Friendly

  • At a Soon to be Announced "Autism on the Seas Friendly Certified Hotel" in Newark, NJ (10 minutes from Bayonne)
  • Dietary Accommodations (See Dining below)
  • Autism friendly hotel rooms (offered the night prior to AotS Cruises w/Staff):
    • Outlet covers
    • Plastic/paper glasses
    • Door alarm (upon request)
    • etc..

wyndham-newark5AotS Staff  Offered the night prior to AotS Cruises w/Staff
The AotS Staff will provide & arrange the following:

  • Meet and greet with other families
  • Respite (or assisted play time) session the night prior to the cruise
  • Pre-Cruise AotS check-in the night prior to the cruise
  • Group dining for dinner and breakfast
  • AotS staff will coordinate a smooth transition from Hotel to Port
  • Meeting our staff and other families the day, night and morning of the cruise will ease the transition onto the ship and the cruise   

Dining / Hotel Restaurant

  • The Hotel Restaurant offers Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
  • The Hotel Restaurant accommodates all dietary needs, including GFCF.
  • Group Seating the night prior to/morning of the cruise.
  • Room service.


wyndham-newark7Additional Services and Fees (Not included with your Hotel Stay purchase through AotS)

Parking at the Hotel



wyndham-newark8Port Transfer - From Hotel



  • Port of Bayonne is just a 10 minute drive from Hotel.
  • Ground transfers from the Hotel to the Port are included with the Boston to Bayonne Package
  • Escorted by AotS Staff


Quote Form for these Packages