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Adult Group Home Services

We understand how difficult and time consuming it can be for homes to plan and coordinate vacations for their members.  We work closely with group homes around the country, in customizing and planning vacations for their members, and our goal is to be your all inclusive resource for your member's vacations.

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Our Guidance

Our Planning Staff works with you through the entire booking and planning process.  Our goal is to make the entire process as easy and effortless as possible for each Group Home.

Full Travel Plan Services (airfare, hotel, ground transportation)

Not only do we handle your Cruise/Resort Stay reservations, but we can also arrange your Group's airfare, hotel reservations (for pre and post cruise stays) and ground transfers from/to airport to port/resorts.

Flexible Payment Plans and Schedules

We have very flexible payment options and understand the financial needs of our adult organizations.  Group Homes can make any number of payments, and at any interval from as much as over a year in advance from the trip date.  Final payments do apply (no more than 3 months prior to trip date), but other arrangements can be made in certain situations.

We can provide customized Payment Schedules for each group, and also for each individual travelling.

Vacation Spending Budgets

We work with our group homes to help them establish budget plans and techniques to use to help their members with ancillary costs while they are traveling onboard the cruise or at the resorts.

Custom Cruises and Resort Stays

Aside from our scheduled Group Vacation options (click here), we work with group homes in arranging custom cruises and Resort Stays, around their schedule and ports of departures closest to them.  More information.

Group Home Staffing

We understand the challenges group homes face in providing their staff that accompany their members on vacations.  Group staff name changes are allowed throughout the entire process, and only need to be finalized the week prior to the trip date.

Group Home Staff Assistance

Our staff, works with your staff during the entire vacation.  We coordinate all of the activities and services, and our staff acts as liaison for all issues and requests needed by the group.

Group Home Staff Respite

One of the greatest features to our vacations, is that Group Home Staff actually get their own Respite.  At various times during the vacations, our AotS Staff will provide respite for the special needs guests, providing a much needed, and deserving break for Parents, Guardians, and/or Group Home Staff.

Group Discounts

Discounts are earned based on the number of people booked, up to and including free cruises.  This assists Group Homes (and other groups) in attaining their vacation goals.