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Special Needs Services by "Autism on the Seas"

Cruises and Resort Stays with Staff Hosting, Respite and Assistance

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Autism on the Seas is the Leading Developmental Disability Service Provider to the Cruise Industry. They have worked in collaboration with Royal Caribbean International since 2007 and have assisted thousands of individuals and families living with Special Needs to provide a vacation experience that is unmatched.

Autism on the Seas provides Staffed Cruises (selected from regular cruises throughout the year) and Resort Stays that assist adults and families in accommodating the typical cruise services, as well as providing specialized Respite and Private Activities/Sessions that allow guests the use of the ships entertainment venues in an accommodated and assisted manner. Their professional staff (educated, experienced, background checked and sanctioned by the cruise lines) accompanies you on your cruise and resort stay to provide these amazing vacation and travel experiences onboard Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Disney and Carnival Cruise Lines, and Disney World Resorts.




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  Special Needs Toys and Sensory Items for our resort stays are provided by "Special Needs Toys".  

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