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Groups and Organization SERVICES

  • We provide the following services, when a Group or Organization cruises with our Staff 
  • We provide these services to any type of group or organization including schools, non-profit groups, social groups, special needs groups, friends/family or any affiliated group.
  • We can help your Group or Organization in many ways.
  • Request a Cruise today to get started on your vacation!!!

  Sampling of Oganizations that have enjoyed these Services

  Paragon school   autism hippie   blue skyes
  marrakech logo     The MIRACLE Project on the Seas   Logo Circle of Friends

...and MANY Family 
and Friend Groups


Please Contact Us for more information on any of the services listed below.

Adult Groups (homes, ect)
In addition to all of the services listed below, we have an additional set of services just for our groups of adults, click here for more information.


Select the Cruise of your choice
We will work with you to select the most appropriate cruise for you (date, cruise line, cost, ect.), whether it is one of our already scheduled cruises or not.

Group Discounts
We provide Discounts for Groups.

Financial Assistance
We may have opportunities available for financial assistance for your group, contact us for more information.

We can assist in your fundraising efforts, see our Fundraising page and also contact us for other ways we can help.

Shows / Events
We can attend shows and events to help promote a cruise, or to just provide on-hand information, to your group.1

Flight Assistance
We provide staff assistance for boarding and de-boarding chartered flights.

Flight - Charters
We will arrange chartered flights for your group. 

Mock Flights
We work with national organizations, such as Wings for Autism, that can arrange mock test flights for your group, to help you prepare for your actual flight.

Bus - Charters
We will arrange chartered ground transportation for your group.

Ship Tour w/AotS Staff
If you have guests (parents or children) with you that have not cruised before and would like a tour of a ship, to help them plan for the adjustment and transitions for the cruise itself we can arrange one, depending on your location and availability of the ships in your area.  The tour can include going through security and checking in, boarding, short respite break with AotS Staff, experiencing a meal and visiting all the venues onboard, as well as a cabin tour.

Pre-Cruise Meeting
We have staff all over the country, which allows us the ability to assist groups at their pre-cruise meetings.  We provide:
- A staff member to attend your meeting to assist and answer questions.*
- The ability for us to be there with you virtually over the phone or meeting cam (via the internet).*
- Materials on our Services for your presentation (PowerPoint, Literature, ect).
- Staff to provide care for your children during the meeting.* 

Hotel Night Prior to the Cruise
We can arrange hotel accommodations, with Group Rates, for your Group if you are staying over night prior to the cruise.

Respite the Night Prior to the Cruise
When your group stays at a hotel the night prior to your cruise, our Staff will provide Respite, as we know travelling can be very strenuous.  And yes, we do this free of charge.

Onboard the Cruise

Excursions - Staff Assisted 
Our staff will accompany your group on any excursion of your choice, in lieu of our already included Beach Excursions we provide, it is your choice.**

Group Dining
We will arrange for your group to dine together, and provide you with the ability to decide who sits with who for reserved tables for dinner.  Other meals can be reserved with assigned seating, or open seating.

Special Programs, Events and Occasions
Some groups have special programs, events or other occasions of celebration they would like to have onboard.  We can coordinate all of these events for you, and the use of lounges and conference space is free of charge.  Some of these have/can include:
- Workability Programs for guests with special needs
- Organization/Group celebrations
- Birthday and Anniversary celebrations
- Religous Services
- Seminars
- Themes (Mom's Cruises, Parent Sampling Cruises, ect)

* Based on availability of staff
** Extra fee may apply depending on excursion