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Vacation Financial Assistance

The Autism on the Seas Foundation offers Financial assistance for families that have a child diagnosed with a disability and wish to vacation on an Autism on the Seas Staff Assisted Cruise. 

 Cruise Grants

Financial Assistance is awarded in varying amounts (not typically for the entire cruise amount) to immediate family members only, Parents/Guardian's, qualifying children/adults and their siblings. 

Donate today to help families with special needs, who need financial assistance and the Autism on the Seas services, to turn their dream of going on vacation a reality.  A special thank you to all who donate to AotSF, without whom this would not be possible.

How do Grants work?

  1. Register (form below)
  2. Wait for Grant Offers - Time in between offers varies, and can be 2-3 months or more
  3. Receive Grant Offer Email from Foundation
  • Apply for a Cruise Specific Grant - via the email that you will receive. This is when families MUST DETERMINE if they can afford the guest's responsible amount, and be READY to make a deposit within 2 days of being awarded a Grant.
    Typically there are approx 5 to 10 days to apply.
  • Application Review - The Foundation will review applications and order qualifying families based on the date they registered, and will begin awarding grants.
    Typically takes up to 2 weeks before Grants begin being awarded 
  • Grant Awarded - The Foundation will email Grant Awards, informing families they have been awarded a Grant
    Grants are awarded until both enough families have accepted and the amount of Grant Funds have been awarded.
    Typically takes up to 2 to 4 weeks 
  • Guests Make Deposit for Guest $ Amount - Families must make their deposit for the Guest Responsible amount.
    Typically there is 2-day window to make a deposit, from the time a Grant is awarded.

Register for Vacation Assistance and Vacation Grants
If you would like to Register to receive information on how to apply for Financial Assistance and Grants, please complete the form below.  


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PLEASE NOTE:  Autism on the Seas (AotS) is the TRAVEL AGENCY that provides special needs family group vacations with support staff, and does not have any participation in selecting families for financial assistance.  AotS receives notification by the "Autism on the Seas Foundation (AotSF)" when financial assistance has been awarded to families, and/or when the AotSF wishes to make payments towards the Financial Assistance for the families.  Autism on the Seas plays no role in the financial assistance selection process.