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Dining / Dietary

Special Dietary Accommodations
We work with the Cruise Line and Resorts to meet most, if not all, of the dietary accommodations for each guest.  Special dietary accommodations include (with 6- days notice):

  • Food allergies
  • Vegetarian (except vegan/macrobiotic)
  • Low-fat
  • Low-sodium
  • Lactose-free/soy milk
  • Rice Milk
  • Indian-style vegetarian meals
  • Kosher for Passover meals and Kosher Requests (except Celebrity Cruise Line)
  • Gluten/Casein Free Diet
  • Each cruise includes the following basic GFCF items available at meals:
    • Bread
    • French Fries
    • Chicken Fingers
    • Pancakes
    • French Toast
    • Scrambled Eggs
    • Grilled Chicken Breast
    • Steak
    • Fish (Cod, Salmon, Tilapia, Lobster, Shrimp, ect), grilled or broiled
    • Vegetables
    • Fruit
    • Ice Cream

Other items may be available as well, and special requests are welcome.  You are welcome to bring your own GFCF food and beverages onboard the cruises, as long as they are in an un-opened original packaging/container.  Some items, like pasta, can be brought onboard and prepared by the ship chef's. 

*Specific "Brands" of food items are not included in the above accommodations.  If a diet requires Specific "Brands" of food items, please contact us.

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Exemption for Dinner Dress Code
Guests with Autism are granted a complete exemption to these guidelines, so they may wear whatever they are most comfortable wearing, when attending Dinner in the Main Dining Rooms.






Reserved Tables for ALL Meals

  • You, your family and friends will dine in a Specially Selected Area of the Main Dining Room for dinner.  
  • Our tables are seated adjacent to windows and near the exits, to allow our guests easy access and the flexibility for our children to freely use the windows to help adjust and occupy themselves during dinner.
  • We have reserved tables for Breakfast and Lunch. These tables are our for the whole cruise, to maintain consistency for our children. 
  • Other dining venues are provided as well, as it is your choice to dine where you please for every meal......

 Buffet Reserved Tables

Staff Assistance during All Meals
Our staff assist your family during all meals.  We will watch the children while you get your food at the buffet restaurant, take them for a walk to deescalate when needed, take them to the bathroom, and provide overall support and help.

395893 600Special Dietary "Specific Brand" Service
Special Needs Group is able to meet a variety of special dietary requests, including specific brands of dietary items, purchased prior to your vacation and delivered directly to your cabin.  More information is available after you book.

 Our exclusive Special Needs Equipment supplier, Special Needs Group: http://www.SpecialNeedsatSea.com
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