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Why a goCruiseME Fundraising Campaign?
goCruiseME Fundraising Campaigns are designed to Fundraise for an Autism on the Seas Cruise with Staff.  Once you start your Fundraising Campaign with us, you then have the ability to guide families, friends, coworkers, and businesses to make tax deductible donations towards a vacation.  You can start a goCruiseME Campaign without having a cruise booked or deposited. 

It's Easy, with "Your Own Donation Page"
All you have to do is provide your families, friends, coworkers, and businesses with the link to YOUR OWN Donation page.   Donation Pages are FREE.

Click here for sample

Who are Fundraising Campaigns for?

  • Families  -  Families with a special needs child (regardless of age) can Fundraise for their own vacation on an Autism on the Seas Cruise with Staff. 

  • Groups, Friends and Organizations  -  Any Special Needs Organization or any Affiliated number of Families can Fundraise for their own vacation on an Autism on the Seas Cruise with Staff.  Any group of families with children with special needs (regardless of age) can start a Fundraising Campaign.


  • Fundraising Campaigns are FREE

  • Includes a unique customized online Donation Page (just like GoFundMe, except all donations made on our site, are tax deductible for the donors).  See here for sample 

  • All Donations are Tax Deductible

  • 100% of donated Funds go towards your Cruise (minus regular credit card processing fees for donations made by credit card).

  • Matching Donations by AotSF (for Family Fundraising Campaigns ONLY, with limited availability).  The AotS Foundation will be offering a Matching Donation (up to $400 towards your cruise)!!!  These Matching Donations are on a first come, first serve basis, based on availability.  The sooner you open a Fundraising Campaign, the higher up on the list you will be to receive a Matching Donation, and we will notify you as soon as your Campaign is reached on our list.  Get the details by using the form below.

  • All of your Fundraising money (from fundraisers you have such as car washes, tag sales, ect,) can be donated to this campaign on your online Donation Page.


Fundraising Tools and Guidance -  FREE

Our Guidance - We will guide you through the entire process of setting up a Campaign and your Donation Page, and providing you with the tools to easily get your Campaign Goal met so you and your family can cruise.


  • Your very own online Donation Page, just like GoFundMe Click here for sample

  • Letter to print and/or email to your family, friends and businesses asking for donations, that will have a link to your personal Donation Page on our website 

  • Language to use to message your freinds and family on FaceBook to direct them to your personal Donation Page on our website 

  • Our graphics team will create artwork with our logo's for any type of signage you would like, for tag sales, bake sales, car washes, or any Fundraising Event

  • Additional Fundraising ideas

  • Connect with other families (on our devoted Fundraising FaceBook page) to share ideas

  • Special discounts for purchasing Fundraising items from the store



Can a goCruiseME Campaign be started without having a cruise booked?
Yes, you do not need to have a cruise booked or depsoited to open and start a Fundraising goCruiseME Campaign.

Can a Grant or Financial Assistance be used with Fundraising Campaigns?
Yes, our Financial Assistance can be used even if you have a Family or Group Fundraising Campaign.  Our Financial Assistance does not cover the full cruise fare for a family.  So starting a Fundraising Campaign NOW will help raise the balance needed, in combination of Financial Assistance you may be granted from us, to pay for the cruise.  If enough money is raised to fund the entire cruise before you receive Financial Assistance you will STILL be eligible for the Financial Assistance towards a second cruise.

Who Can Donate?
Anyone can donate to your Campaign:

  • Yourself (funds coming from fundraising sources like a tag sale, bake sale, car wash, ect)

  • Family

  • Friends

  • Coworkers

  • Business owners

  • Organizations

 How are Donations Made?

  1. We set-up your own unique Donation Page, right here on our website (see here).  
  2. You can decide to have your Donation Page:
    Public - on our website, on our list of Fundraising Campaigns, so anyone can choose to donate to your campaign), or 
    Private - where you supply the webpage link to just those you want to view it and make donations
  3. Simply provide others with the link to your page, via Email, Free electronic Invites, Flyers, FaceBook, ect. 

How Donations are applied to Cruise Reservations?
The Autism on the Seas Foundation will make a payment (from your funds donated) on your behalf to your cruise reservation with Autism on the Seas, prior to your Final Payment.  It's that simple.

How do I get Started?
Fill out the form below, and we will set up your very own Online Donation Page for your Fundraising Campaign within a couple's that easy!!!! 


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    and get your Cruise Fundraising started!!!