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Private Venue Entertainment Sessions

Ship Venue Entertainment Private Sessions   Staff Assisted Cruises ONLY
We provide Private Sessions for our entire group (siblings, parents, friends and family) to participate in most of the ships entertainment venues, such as the ones listed below.

The purpose of these PRIVATE sessions:
- To allow the opportunity for guests with special needs to receive the assistance from our staff
- Use of these venues for just our group aides and removes the typical challenges of Public Venues (lines, crowds, etc.)
- For extended family members and friends to use the venues, while staff care for children with special needs, who otherwise might not be able to have the opportunity

ALL family members and friends who book with us will be part of our Group, and are open to participate in and take advantage of all of our Private Sessions and Activities.  Please Note:  If you book with another Agency, or direct with the Cruise Line, all "Staff Assisted Cruises" related Services and Activities are NOT included.  Some services and activities vary depending on cruise line, ship and resort. 

Flowrider Allure

Staff Ice Rink


Staff help kid Rock Wall


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  • "Rock Wall"
  • "Jump Zone (bungee trampoline)"

  • "Ice Skating Rink"

  • "Inline Skating Course"

  • "Zip Line"
  • "Pool Slide"

  • "Bumper Cars"
  • "Basketball Court"

  • "Flow-Rider"

  • "Ropes Course"

  • etc, etc...

- Most of these venues have certain restrictions for use, such as height, weight, age, etc.
Some or all of the above mentioned activities will be provided depending on ship/resort facilities, cruise itinerary and other activities.