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 Family to Family

 If each family that cruises with Autism on the Seas donates as little as $50 every time they cruise, the AotS Foundation can financially assist dozens of qualifying families a year to afford an Autism on the Seas Professionally Staffed Cruise.  

Please consider a small donation to help your 
fellow special needs families...

What is the Family-to-Family Program?
The Family-to-Family Program is designed for families who cruise with Autism on the Seas, to donate each time they cruise to help other families afford the opportunity to realize an Autism on the Seas Cruise.  Family and friends are also encouraged to donate on behalf of special needs families cruising with Autism on the Seas.
*Donation amounts start at just $25   ** All Donations are tax-deductible

Add a Donation to your Cruise Invoice (or donate now)
You can simply have your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation added to your AotS Cruise Invoice, or you can make your donation now.

Recognition Pins
Recognition Pins will be provided to you on your next cruise, or postal mailed to you (if you are not on a Staffed Cruise or if you do not have an upcoming cruise booked).

Recognition Wall
Your name will be recognized on our Recognition Wall for donating.  Thank you.

$25 - $49  
 - Recognition on Family-to-Family Recognition Wall
Family to Family PIN
Recognition Pin
$50 - $99 
 - Recognition on Family-to-Family Recognition Wall
 - Recognition Pin (2 per family)
$100 - $249 
 - Recognition on Family-to-Family Recognition Wall
 - Recognition Pin (4 per family)
$250 - $500
 - Recognition on Family-to-Family Recognition Wall
 - Recognition Pin (4 per family member)
 - Special Recognition 
(on AotSF website)


Over $500 See our "Sponsor a Family" Program 


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