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Autism on the Seas - Community Network, Services & Resources

A support system for the vacationing Special Needs Community and beyond...

How we Can Help

A FREE network that provides the ability for support to families considering an AotS vacation, and for families who have/will be cruising with AotS.   This Community Network, Professional Services and Resources also provides the means for our guests to stay connected after and beyond their cruise. 

The AotS Community Network, Professional services and resources

Aside from the obvious reasons to have families connect, who vacation together, research supports that a lack of social supports results in depression and other mental health issues, and that social relationships have a positive impact on mental health.  Numerous studies have indicated that daily, hands-on care to a child with a disability for a long duration can pose threats to the well being of the family, especially to the parents/guardians, where they often experience increased symptoms of depression, anxiety, strain in marital relationships and diminished physical health.  AotS recognizes the importance, as well as the benefits of these support systems to our families.

AotS also recognizes that vacationing introduces a variety of challenges for special needs families.  We have been providing Professional Support to families for years, in assisting them on being able to go on vacation.  Our experience and professional expertise is ready and at your disposal.


Use the links below to learn more and access each of the available complimentary services.

Strategy Services & Resources - Free 

Strategies, Services and Resources for Overcoming Cruise/Vacation Special Needs Challenges


Parent Connect - Request Form

Would you like to be connected with parents who have cruised with us? 
Would you like to ask questions or discuss any concerns with parents who have experienced our services?
We have an extensive Pool of Past Guest Parents waiting to talk and/or email with you. 

  • Connect one-on-one with parents who have cruised with AotS.
  • A cross section of parents are available (with children of varying ages, sex, special needs, single parents, same sex parents, ect).
  • Accessible by anyone, even prior to booking with AotS.
  • Just fill out this Request Form and we will connect you with a parent who has cruised with us!!!

Have you already cruised with us and are you interested in being ADDED to our Parent Connect Pool?  Click here


Facebook Page - Public

  • Pictures and videos from current cruises and quotes from guests
  • Cruise Sale and Promotion notifications
  • Updates on services
  • Open to the public


Facebook Group - Private

Open forum for guests to share stories, pictures and videos and remain connected even after you return from your cruise


  • Professional Staff in the Developmental Disability Industry are available to assist you
  • Proven Strategies to overcome and assist with challenges related to special needs and travelling
  • Answers to questions or concerns about vacationing with AotS
  • Connect with like families who have already cruised with AotS
  • Exchange ideas for your vacation (shore excursions, socializing, pre/post vacation travel plans, ect)
  • Get to know families you will be vacationing with
  • Channels to stay in touch with families post-vacation
  • Connection to a larger community of families with special needs
  • Potential to share resources beyond vacationing needs
  • Friendship and fun