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Strategy Services and Resources
Overcoming Cruise/Vacation Special Needs Challenges

Many families have concerns related to cruising and vacationing that prevent them from considering a cruise vacation, and/or they have challenges that concern them about their upcoming cruise.  We can help, and we are here to help.

Staff with kid during check-in

Parent Connect
We can have past guests contact you to discuss their experiences, through our Parent Connect Program

Army of Professionals
Our organization is the world leader in assisting special needs families on their vacation.  The AotS Staff is comprised of hundreds of volunteer developmental disability professionals, including special education teachers, ABA Therapists, Autism Experts and College Professors.  Our staff is led by our Group Leaders who manage our staff on each of our cruises who guides and assists our families cruising with us.   Our Group Leaders have hundreds of cruise experiences and unique challenges in which they’ve assisted families that enable them to experience a true vacation, and continue to have true vacations.

Our Group Leaders are available to assist you with your concerns and challenges, prior to your cruise and during your cruise.  Our Group Leaders have at their disposal, our network of hundreds of professionals from around the country for consultation so they are prepared to help you with any challenges, no matter how small or seemingly impossible to overcome.   Meet our:  Group Leaders

We can assist you with Strategies for overcoming challenges such as these, and any others you may have

  • Concerned my child will not adapt to the ship or being away from home
  • Concerned over challenges in getting to/onto the ship
  • Concerned my child will be drawn to water/the oceanIntro session2
  • Fear my child will jump overboard
  • Concerned my child will not adapt to sleeping in a new place/on a ship
  • Concerned by child may elope
  • Concerned the ship will not be able to accommodate my child’s diet
  • Concerned that my adult child will not fit in or there will not be enough appropriate activities
  • Concerned my child’s behaviors will be too much for us to manage
  • Concerned my child will leave our cabin without us knowing
  • Concerned the AotS Staff cannot handle my child’s behaviors
  • Concerned my child will not act appropriately at meals or in public
  • Concerned my child will be affected by not maintaining their Therapy Plan (ABA, Behavioral, ect)
  • Overall concerned of the effort involved with managing my child and our challenges, that this will not be a true vacation
  • What are your challenges?  We can help.

Our Group Leaders (or past guests, see "Parent Connect" below) will contact and communicate with you, in the manner of your choice

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Skype (or other web based video)
  • In person, depending on your location relative to the AotS Staff Locations

*Strategies and Resources we provide, include but are not limited to:

  • Communication with “the” Group Leader for YOUR cruise
  • Increased understanding of the elements of a cruise in relation to your unique challenges
  • Modeling, Simulation, Progressive Exposure, Desensitization and Coping Techniques
  • Social Stories, Countdown Calendars, PECS
  • Assistance in maintaining Therapy Plans (ABA, Behavioral, ect)
  • Images (and in some cases video) from actual ship for your customized use
  • Parent Connect – We can put you in touch with parents who previously cruised using our services
  • Ship Tour, via our “Seas for Autism” Cruise Ship Tour Program
  • Channels to other Families – Private Message Boards and Facebook Group just for families with special needs
  • Cabin type and location consultation
  • FAQ’s

*May be used months in advance of cruise when needed

Effective Experience and Successes
We’ve heard from parents:  “NO WAY”, “I’M NOT BRINGING MY CHILD ON A SHIP”, “WE NEED TO GET OFF THIS SHIP RIGHT NOW”, “THIS WILL NOT WORK FOR US”, “MY CHILD WILL NOT HANDLE THAT”, etc, etc…  And we’ve helped them to have great vacations.  All it takes is your desire to believe that it is possible, to trust us as thousands of guests have done already, and for you to contact us.  It IS possible, and you WILL enjoy a true vacation. 

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