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FREE - Special Needs Cruise Assistance Package

Cruises without Staff

Can't cruise on one of our Staff Assisted Cruises?
Don't mind cruising on your own?
Already booked?

No Additional Cost to you...
You pay the prices you find on cruise line websites.  Just book through us.

Already Booked With Another Travel Agent Or Direct With The Cruise Line?
No problem, we can easily transfer your reservation to us at NO ADDITIONAL COST, and you can then enjoy all of our Special Needs Cruise Assistance Package (see below). Transfer your Cruise

If you are Transferring into one of our Staffed Cruises (click here for listing), then our Staffed Cruise Fee will be added to your reservation after the Transfer Process is completed.

Your Choice...
You and/or your family can pick the Cruise of your choice and receive our Special Needs Cruise Assistance Package.  See below for more details.

It's Simple...
Just choose your cruise from the Cruise Line (of your choice), book with us by Contacting us or by filling out our online Quote/Booking Form) and enjoy our Special Needs Cruise Assistance Package that features our experienced staff to help you arrange your cruise, benefits and services at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

Our Special Needs Cruise Assistance Package is free of charge, as long as you book and make your cruise payment through us.  It is very simple...the prices you find on the cruise line websites are the prices you pay.

Your Choice...
Depart from any Port and on any Ship on any of the cruise lines listed below.  Click the cruise lines below to visit their website.

Need help choosing?
Don't know which cruise line to choose from?  Not sure about the departure port or itinerary?  Contact us or fill out our Quote/Booking Form and we'll help you.

Questions, concerns?
We've made cruising with autism and special needs our expertise and we're here to help you.  Please feel free to call (1-800-516-5247) or contact us with any questions or concerns, especially to help you with autism and cruising.

Do you have a group of people interested in cruising?
We can arrange for any number of people to cruise and depending on the number of people, you can enjoy all of the same services we offer on our Cruises with our Staff.  You can even earn discounts.  Click here for more information.

Group Discounts...
The more people who cruise with you, the more money you can save...  More info on our Discounts.

Special Needs Cruise Assistance Package includes*

  • Our Guidance 
    • We've made cruising with autism and special needs our expertise and we're here to help you.  Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions or concerns, especially as it relates to autism and cruising.
  • Prices you find on the Cruise Line websites, are the prices you pay
  • Special Children's Name tags 
  • Cruise Images/Graphics for your PECS, personalized social stories, calendars and schedules
  • Cruise Social Stories
  • Cruise Information and Tips Document specific to Special Needs 
  • Excursion Reviews (from our past guests) 
  • Access to our "AotS Community Network
  •  Strategies, Services and Resources for Overcoming Cruise/Vacation Special Needs Challenges 
  • Small Dinner Table just for your family (Request made for you to cruise line for Traditional Dinner Assigned seating in Main Dining Rooms) *  Not applicable for Open Seating dining, or Specialty Restaurants.
  • Pre-Cruise Questionnaire submitted to the cruise line to aid the onboard Children Counselors  
  • All of the regular services and activities on board each Cruise Line
  • Special Dietary Accommodations*
  • Request made for Accommodated Check-in onto Ship provided by cruise line*
  • Request made for Accommodated Disembarkation from Ship provided by cruise line*
  • Autism Awareness Cards for Cruise Staff
  • Professional Medical Physicians and Nurses 
  • Special Gifts
  • Special Potty Training Provisions in Children's program*
  • Special Children's Program Grouping Rules*
  • Exemption for Dinner Dress Code 
  • Group Discounts available
  • Access and Services for People with Physical Disabilities*

* Certain accommodations vary by the cruise line and ship, and cannot be guaranteed.  Contact us for more information

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