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Gift Certificates and Onboard Credits

Why not ask for your family and friends for gifts to help on your cruise?

How about gifting someone a portion of a cruise, an entire cruise, or just a little Spending Money for them to use during the cruise?


Cruise Gift Certificates and Onboard Credits - FREE

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Cruise Gift Certificates are Free of charge and can be used on any cruise we offer and they can be purchased in ANY amount you would like. 

    • Cruise Gift Certificates are purchased for a monetary value, which can be used to either Book any Cruise from Autism on the Seas or the amount can be applied to any existing reservation.

    • The Cruise Gift Certificate is simply used in lieu of another form of payment towards a new or existing reservation.

    • Cruise Gift Certificates can be used in conjunction with bookings made online, or by phone.    

    • If the Cabin choice total price (including tax) is less than the Gift Certificate amount, an Onboard Credit will be issued for the balance. 

    • Cruise Gift Certificates are refundable for a $25.00 service fee.

    • Cruise Gift Certificates will be postal mailed to you, so you can present it to the guest.

Gift certificate1ONBOARD CREDITS  Onboard Credits are Free of charge and can be used by guests on their cruise to purchase onboard amenities.

    • Onboard Credits can be used to purchase anything onboard the ship that is purchasable (Gratuities, Shore Excursions, Soda Packages, Alcohol, Spa Treatments, Souvenirs, etc).

    • Onboard Credit Certificates will be postal mailed to you, so you can present it to the guest.

    • Onboard Credits will appear on the guests account within 24 hours after boarding the ship. 




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