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As Cruise Lines implement and continue to evolve their temporary health and safety plans, we’re committed to adapting to these plans and providing you the continued support you have come to expect from Autism on the Seas.

Listed below are the general measures we have implemented and will continue to enhance.

Details of these measures will be available closer to your cruise date and onboard your cruise, as these measures will be evolving as time passes. 
In the meantime, do not hesitate to Contact Us with any questions or concerns.

Last updated: June 7, 2021

Our Cruises/Services

Our Staff Assisted cruises remain as scheduled, based on the cruise lines ability to conduct cruising.  We will contact our booked guests when and as soon as we learn anything affecting any of our cruises.

There is no requirement that Autism on the Seas guests must meet (relative to Covid-19) to receive the Autism on the Seas services, other than what is required by the Cruise Line (or resort) or any country, federal or local government.



 Published Protocols for AotS Sailings    Updated 5-28-21
  - Listed below are the main Protocols most likely of interest to our guests.
  - This information is superceded by the information found on the cruise line websites (below)

Sailings Protocol Chart v1

*DETAILS: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/the-healthy-sail-center/getting-ready-to-cruise

  • For official information on each of the cruise lines protocols, the effect of those protocols on the regular cruise line services, please visit their websites below.  Our goal is for our onboard Staff to conform to these protocols and provide to you as much assistance as possible in helping you and your family have the safest and healthiest vacation possible.

    Royal Caribbean International
         Adventure of the Seas
         Vision of the Seas

    Carnival Cruise Line
    Disney Cruise Line
    Norwegian Cruise Line
  • *Potential Modifications to AotS Group Activities and Services
    Cruise Line Physical Distancing protocols and Ship Venue capacity limits may in turn cause modifications to some of the typical AotS Group Activities and Services.  Cruise Line protocols are potentially different from ship to ship, and most likely to change from cruise to cruise.  As your cruise approaches and if you have any questions, please contact our office. 

  • Notable Enhancements

    Royal Caribbean - 
    The traditional Muster Drill (now discontinued) has been replaced with Royal Caribbean's new Muster 2.0.  The differences are provided below.
    Muster 2.0 Press Release

Muster 2


The AotS Staff will be:

  • Conducting ongoing Staff and accommodated Guest Health Checks (non-invasive, surveys, etc)
  • Monitoring health during Respite and Group Activities

The AotS Staff will be:

  • Conducting increased sanitizing and disinfecting of respite venues and respite toys/sensory items. 
  • Following strategic selective use of toys/items to reduce the opportunity of cross item/toy use.

The AotS Staff will be providing:

  • Contactless Respite Check-in and out
  • Contactless AotS Daily Schedules
  • Contactless exchange of onboard AotS Services information

Last updated: June 7, 2021

For the safety of our guests and volunteer staff, Autism on the Seas is requiring its Staff Volunteers to be fully Covid-19 vaccinated, for sailings (and resort stays) departing in 2021.  This requirement may be extended without notice.

We realize the challenge some guests may have in adhering to some of the temporary Covid-19 Cruise Protocols.  An AotS staff member dedicated to your family during the cruise will provide exclusive assistance in aiding you and/or your family in adhering to cruise line Covid health and safety protocols, and at the same time provide reduced interaction with multiple Staff. 

1:1 Staff Service (Staff Member Dedicated to your Family)

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 Consider the Staff Assistance Benefits that meet your needs*

Covid Benefit Chart v4      

       A* Periodic assistance by other staff as needed
     > 1:1 Staffing is based on first come, first serve staff availability
     >> All services in more detail on 1:1 website page and are subject to change without notice


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Please do not hesitate to Contact Us with ANY questions or concerns.