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Autism on the Seas

Information regarding Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Our Office

The AotS office remains open with office staff working remotely at the same hours (posted on our website).

The response time to inquiries, questions, bookings and/or cancellations may be delayed, due to the increase in incoming contacts and our ability to reach cruise line suppliers (as their contacts have also been increased).  Priority of responses are determined based on sail date and other time urgencies.

We sincerely apologize in advance for any delays in our repsonse, and we appreciate your patience during this time.

Our Cruises/Services

Our services/cruises remain as scheduled, based on the cruise lines ability to conduct cruising.  We will contact our booked guests when and as soon as we learn anything affecting any of our cruises.

Canceled Cruises by the Cruise Lines

Royal Caribbean Cruises
Details on compensation Royal Caribbean will be providing directly to you, see here: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/itinerary-updates

Carnival Cruises

NCL Cruises

Disney Cruises
AotS Service Fees and 1:1 Fees - Cancellations/Cruise (sailing) Switch - 100% Refund
Guests will be refunded 100% for the AotS Service Fee and 1:1 Fee if any, from AotS.  Refunds will be provided automatically back to the guest.

Any guest who cancels their cruise due to the Coronavirus, the cruise line cancels, or switches their cruise to another sailing will be refunded 100% for the AotS Service Fee and 1:1 Fee (if any).  We can also apply any fees you paid to a new sailing if you choose to switch sailings.  Please keep in mind though, that prevailing Fee rates will apply, as each of our sailings may have different fee amounts.

AotS Onboard Services
... Updated 4-27-20
Our Staff (on Staff Assisted Cruises) will be providing the same accommodation assistance for any increased protocols the cruise lines have that is within our ability for any given circumstance. 

Port / Boarding Assistance
Specifically, any mandatory health screening of guests at boarding (including temperature screenings) that MAY BE IN EFFECT for your cruise, will be a coordinated effort with the cruise line health officials and our Staff, just as we work with the Cruise Line Security staff for security checks and screenings.  Our Staff will be there with you at the port assisting you all the way through to boarding, the way Team Orange always assists our guests.

Onboard Health Measures
Health and Safety Protocols for our staff and guests are being prepared and maintained in coordiantion with the cruise lines and will be at a minimum in compliance with OSHA and CDC guidelines.  Detailed information will be provided closer to sailing date.

Additional Assistance
Our Staff is available 24/7 during our Staff Assisted Sailings for any additional assistance that might be needed.  As your sailing approaches and if you have any specific concerns or questions please reach out to your Group Leader.

We are continuing to work closely with the cruise lines and will be adjusting any of our policies and/or measures accordingly.

FAQ's for ALL Cruise Lines
Can we extend final payment? Are cruise lines extending final payment?
Final payments are not being extended by the cruise lines.
Why haven’t I received my AotS SERVICE FEE refund for my canceled cruise?
AotS Service Fees for Royal Caribbean cruises will come directly from Royal Carribean (see above).  AotS Service Fees for non-Royal Caribbean cruises will come direclty from AotS and are processed at the same time we process and email you your canceled Invoice (normal bank processing times from then will apply, typically one full billing cycle).

Why haven’t I received my AotS 1:1 STAFF FEE refund for my canceled cruise?
AotS 1:1 Staff Fees will come direclty from AotS and are processed at the same time we process and email you your canceled Invoice (normal bank processing times from then will apply, typically one full billing cycle).

Will cruise lines be canceling my cruise (aside from the cruises they already canceled)?
We do not have that information available. We find out about cruise lines canceling cruises at the same time as the general public.  With that being said, it can be projected based on when they have posted their currently canceled cruises, that announcements will be made approx every 30 days of any new cancellations.  Current info can be found by following the links provided above for each cruise line.

Will Autism on the Seas be canceling any cruises?
As long as the cruise lines do not cancel, we will not be cancelling any of our cruises or servcies.

FAQ's for Royal Caribbean Cruises

Can I get a refund and not a Future Cruise Credit (FCC)?
The cruise line will send you an email directly which will provide a link to make your request for a refund. Please note that refunds may take as long as 90 days instead of the normal 45 days

These statements may be subject to change without notice.
Please contact our office for any concerns, inquiries, or updates to this information.